The Vanishing Villas of Preston & Withdean


The Vanishing Villas of Preston & Withdean
by Selma Montford, Jacqueline Pollard and Robert Sanderson

The villas of Withdean were set in spacious grounds, unique in the vicinity of Brighton. The villas of Preston Park, built in the 1870s, were smaller but had the advantage of being closer to the town centre.

The book illustrates the life of people living in these villas in latter part of the 19th Century, telling a story of residents above and below stairs, it’s a unique description of the a life that has since disappeared.

The book and its maps will help urban explorers find the few remnants of these fine villas, such as their lodges, that remain today.

ISBN 1-901454-00-2
Softcover, 37 pages, 19cm x 26cm, 36 black & white illustrations, many full-page original photos

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