Story of Queen’s Park


Queen’s Park – Brighton’s most attractive park – boasts an exotic and unexpected history, told in this beautifully produced book.

The origin of Queen’s Park was the setting for grand villas – as shown in the watercolour by the architect Charles Barry on the book’s cover. Queen’s Park retains much of its original 19th century character.

With vivid descriptions and testimonies, first hand accounts and a cast of local characters, the book tells the story of the park from seventy years before its grand opening, right up to the present day.

After reading this book you will surely want to visit the park, if not for the first time, then with new eyes.

ISBN 978-1-901454-12-3
72 pages, 220mm x 180mm, spine, colour cover, 54 images: plans, prints, photographs; 45 b&w, 9 in colour.

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