Hilly Laine to Hanover: 2008 edition


Hilly Laine to Hanover, the story of a close-knit interdependent community. Here it is at last, the 2008 edition.


First published in 1999, the edition of 2,000 copies quickly sold out. We have received a continuous stream of requests to reprint it, so here it is at last… the 2008 edition, redesigned with some new photographs and additional text. Old Hanover has been recreated by listening to residents. They experienced a life of poverty and deprivation, but enjoyed a mutual support network. They were a close-knit interdependent community. A walk in Hanover today reflects a different scene. There are colourful painted houses, many modernised interiors, though sadly fewer neighbourhood shops. But Hanover today has a fizz, a buzz, and a liveliness… and still with a sense of community. This book links the two worlds and brings them together in a unique way, with local people telling their own story…

ISBN 978-1-901454-11-6
Paperback, 96 pages, 19cm x 26cm, 52 black & white illustrations, including historic photographs and maps

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