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The long awaited book on North Laine will be launched on Thursday 15th September 2016 when residents and others interested will have the opportunity to buy copies at a discounted price—Peter Crowhurst, North Laine resident

Comprehensive look at North Laine
It was more than five years ago that Brighton Town Press approached the North Laine Community Association (NLCA) with the idea of collaborating together to produce a book about the history of North Laine and the lives of its residents, past and present. No such book on North Laine exists. There are pieces on North Laine’s history, notably in Sue Berry’s ‘Georgian Brighton’, and the North Laine Runner (Runner) has published numerous articles on North Laine’s history as well as reminiscences of residents, but there is no book which takes a comprehensive look at North Laine. The NLCA was therefore more than happy to work with Brighton Town Press to produce a book to fill the gap that existed.

Discounted copies
You can collect The North Laine Book at a discounted price of £10 at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road, on the day of the launch (15th September 2016) between 7.15 and 7.45pm.

IMAGE CREDIT: Saunders map of Brighton, 1841, The North Laine Book

To buy our books, contact us here:
Simon Montgomery
Director, Brighton Town Press
3 Timberlaine Road, Pevensey Bay BN24 6DE, East Sussex, United Kingdom
t: 01323 762511

About North Laine Community Association
What we are and what we do

The North Laine Community Association (NLCA) is one of the older community associations in Brighton. lt was set up in 1976 when the area was under threat of a motorway and has been active in campaigning for the residents of the area ever since.

Together with the North Laine Traders Association, it provides a vital and important link in the consultation process and has been involved in discussions about many of the major schemes that affect this important and vibrant area.


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