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*** NEW BOOK: Published February 2016: Conversations with Sarah Rose Cook of Carlton Hill—Brighton Town Press

A gem of a little book, published by Brighton Town Press, appeared on the bookstands today. The happiness of the family, in spite of the difficult economic and social conditions in … [Read More...]

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Hilly Laine to Hanover: 2008 edition

Hilly Laine to Hanover, the story of a close-knit interdependent community. Here it is at last, the 2008 edition. First published in 1999, the edition of 2,000 copies quickly sold … [Read More...]

Book Review: The Story of Queen’s Park: Sussex Newspaper

Sussex Newspaper Silvia Mazzobel 1 November 2009 Brighton Town Press, in collaboration with the Friend’s of Queen’s Park, has done a masterly job in reconstructing the story … [Read More...]

Austerity in Backyard Brighton in the Thirties

Selma Montford writes about the day that she discovered ‘the slum photographs’ at ‘Brighton Borough Council’. The find led to the publication of a book still talked about … [Read More...]

The Story of Queen’s Park, Brighton : An Unexpected and Exotic History

Queen’s Park – Brighton’s most attractive park – boasts an exotic and unexpected history, told in this beautifully produced book, published by Brighton Town Press The … [Read More...]