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North Laine Book launch: Mayor of Brighton and Selma Montford celebrate

I’m glad to say there was quite a throng at the launch of the North Laine Book. Five years in the making, this collaborative effort by many residents and long-term lovers of the … [Read More...]

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*** NEW: The North Laine Book, published 15 September 2016

The long awaited book on North Laine will be launched on Thursday 15th September 2016 when residents and others interested will have the opportunity to buy copies at a discounted … [Read More...]

*** NEW BOOK: Published February 2016: Conversations with Sarah Rose Cook of Carlton Hill—Brighton Town Press

A gem of a little book, published by Brighton Town Press, appeared on the bookstands today. The happiness of the family, in spite of the difficult economic and social conditions in … [Read More...]

Hilly Laine to Hanover: 2008 edition

Hilly Laine to Hanover, the story of a close-knit interdependent community. Here it is at last, the 2008 edition. First published in 1999, the edition of 2,000 copies quickly sold … [Read More...]

Book Review: The Story of Queen’s Park: Sussex Newspaper

Sussex Newspaper Silvia Mazzobel 1 November 2009 Brighton Town Press, in collaboration with the Friend’s of Queen’s Park, has done a masterly job in reconstructing the story … [Read More...]