Backyard Brighton : 2008 edition


Backyard Brighton, re-edited, includes new background information, further interviews, quotations, newly discovered photographs.

One hundred and four pages in black and white, now completely re-edited, includes new background information, further interviews, quotations from official reports and newspaper articles, newly discovered photographs and a 1930s street map….two thousand copies of the first edition sold out within six weeks, followed by two more editions, it has been out of print for several years …. now republished at last…. the book that people say made our name.

Forward : Selma Montford : I first heard of the collection of ‘slum’ photographs from an Environmental Health Officer in the early 1980s. When I asked whether I could see them they admitted they had been lost…

Backyard Brighton : new memories, reflections and photographs : Price £12.75 + £3.00 p&p Paperback: black and white, 104 pages : ISBN: 978-1-901454-10-9 postage for multiple copies, inland, abroad on request

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