About Us

BRIGHTON TOWN PRESS was founded in 2009. We are following in the footsteps of Brighton Books Publishing, beginning to build a catalogue of publications based on an eighteen year legacy.

Brighton Town Press as Brighton Books Publishing started a local fashion over twenty years ago for well designed local history books and others have followed. We publish a variety of books about Brighton and its history. All the books share a common approach.

Our collection of books began with a title that has become a story in itself. In 1988, we published Back Street Brighton. Designed to a visual standard that set down a marker, full of primary source materal and comprised of an unseen collection of photographs from the vaults of Brighton Council, it became a local classic, which is studied in a number of local schools as part of GCSE modules in Social History.

Since them we have pubished over twenty titles. Some of these titles have become collectors pieces, some sadly have sold out and are now out of print, some are so popular that on their launch, they sell by the boxful.

The books are a patchwork of historical research, interviews, hitherto unpublished photographs, maps, quotations from documents, compiled with different groups of people according to the subject matter of the book. This mixture of sources of information makes for a lively account of either a particular part of Brighton, or Brighton at a particular time in its history.

The conventional language of official documents is contrasted with informal memories and observations in the spoken, and, sometimes, the written word of personal accounts. Using visual material architects drawings contrast with photographs, maps, prints and paintings.

The publications are now  designed guidebook size with complete with keynote text and annotation galleys to make them great companions on a trip back in time.

The history of Brighton is amongst the most eclectic in the country. It is the spirit of this special place, in all its glory and particularity that our books aim to capture. The site now also includes a variety of articles published monthly about local and national matters related to issues like community publishing, public debates about Brighton and educational features about book design and the history of particular publishers. and links to associated materials. We hope that you will enjoy viewing our new platform and that you will want to come back to browse time and again.

From town to city, there is no culture without stories.

To buy our books, contact us here:
Brighton Town Press
10 Clermont Road, Brighton, BN1 6SG.
e: info@brightontownpress.co.uk
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